Monday, 26 June 2017

Group Rua- our rainbow maths

Can you see the number bonds to 10?

We learnt about reversibility
9 + 1 = 10
1 + 9 = 10


  1. Ashton9:16 am

    hi Room 23 i like Maths Because it is so much Fun i like doing rainbow Maths more

  2. I'm glad you have enjoyed Rainbow Maths Ashton! Can you please tell me how it has helped your Maths and how we could continue to learn from this activity?

    I like how you are always commenting on our blog. Thank you!!

  3. Ashton9:27 am

    Wow room 23 i like Rainbow Maths because it is very Fun

  4. I love Rainbow maths because It's cool and fun thank you for teaching me. Because now I can find numbers that add up to 10 and 20. from Hollie

  5. antony9:48 am

    rainbow maths 10+0=10
    1+9 =10
    2+8 =10
    3+7 =10

  6. Elliedonut1759:53 am

    rainbow maths helped me with my facts to 10 and facts to 20.0+20=20 19+1=20 18+2=20 17+3=20 16+4=20 15+5=20........

  7. hollie knew her number bonds to ten. I'm still learning them off by heart.

    By Daina