Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Special interest Intake 2

Making 130 using any operation with these numbers only allowed to be used once:

Have a look at the variety of ways the students came up with: Some worked others not, the discussions and thinking was the aim of this activity.


  1. Olivia Thomas6:04 pm

    Learning lots of different ways too maths is so much fun.
    Do you think learning different ways too maths is fun?

  2. HI Olivia, I think learning in different ways is the best! I love learning from other people and seeing the different ways people can see and explain numbers. This is what makes Mathematics so much fun!
    Mrs M

  3. johnathan1:46 pm

    Wow! Mrs Madden your math was hard but it was fun.

  4. KHAN GLOVER1:51 pm

    With making the 130, with the numbers
    My strategy was... 5x12=60+62=122+1=123+7=130.

  5. Rosie1:57 pm

    It was quite hard but I managed to find 3 ways to make 130 with plus, minus, multiplication or division. It is very fun doing challenging maths with Mrs Madden!

  6. Lukas2:00 pm

    I think the maths is a bit hard

  7. PIPPAS COMENT5:53 pm

    WOW! Mrs Madden I Tried To do maths But it is to hard But SO MUCH FUN!!! WHOA!!! Maths ROLLS!!!

  8. PIPPAS COMENT6:07 pm

    I Loved Bringing our computers to maths did you? My computer mouse din't work at maths.