Thursday, 26 October 2017

Special Interest Review 2017

Special Interest student Reflections:  2017
  • “In our cooking I learnt about fractions, decimals, percentages.”
  • I learnt different ways of solving challenging problems ie use a smaller case, experiment. Ben
  • “If you want to find an eighth of number just divide it by 8”. :Seb
  • “ I learnt about square roots when we answered the problem - 4 fours.” Grace H
  • “I learnt about Maths in cooking, that you can halve recipes.  The importance of having all the ingredients.” Karol
  • “Baking helped me try new foods, and using measurement tools - like cups and mls.
  • This class helps me learn new ways to answer problems. “ Grace
  • “This class is challenging me” Grace S and Jerry
  • “ I learn more complicated Maths and things I wouldn’t do in my classroom ie square roots.” Joe
  • “It’s fun, I get to spend time just learning Math” Jerry
  • “ I get to do harder Maths and way more challenging.  It is different, we have more problems. Like optical illusions” Lucas
  • It is challenging and interesting, if it’s challenging it is getting me smarter (Quinn).
  • “Its helped me to struggle, it was fun as well as doing Maths.  Normally Maths isn't that fun.” Dayna
  • “This Maths is a bit hard and makes me struggle and I like the Maths we do.  I especially learnt fractions.  Last year I didn’t know any fractions - now I know divide by three is the same as putting it into thirds.  Lucas
  • “I enjoy baking and using the measurement tools.  I enjoyed doing 4 fours and countdown timer.  It was a challenge.  We get to share our learning with our class.” Khan
  • “ I learnt more strategies, from other students and Mrs Madden.  It was fun at the same time. “ Max M
  • “I like doing the 4 fours because it is challenging, and the fraction snakes, it puts our learning into action.  I like cooking and using my fractions.” Jonathon
  • “I learnt how to make all numbers, this learning is different (learning power to, square roots).  Learning our own ways to learn has helped me.” Olivia
  • “ I get to learn more and get better and learn deeply.  Having conversations at home has extended my learning.” Robert
  • “I like the cooking, I will do it again at home.  I kept doing it at home (the folding of paper to make ⅙, I’m still practicing.” Arad
  • “ This helps improve my Maths - I just love it.” Andreus

How Can Mrs Madden Improve:

  • Nothing, keep it the same - Grace
  • More cooking
  • Having more Maths and Art combined - like optical illusions “Lucas and Quinn
  • Get more time to do it in the afternoons. Ben
  • “I don’t think you can - it’s awesome!” Olivia
  • Keep doing it!

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