Thursday, 19 October 2017

Student Voice: Their Reflections in their words of our Maths Programme.

  • Sara “It is ok to make mistakes and that helps us grow.” “Using the chromebooks to make a bar model using Google slides was fun.”
  • Rebecca “It helped with my fractions, I now know ⅚ and how to put it onto a numberline.””working with a small group where I feel comfortable to talk and discuss my Maths ideas.”
  • Jennuli “ In class I’m not much of a talker about Maths, this class helps me to understand my Maths.  I am now brave enough to put my hand up in class.”
  • Ellie “ In class I wouldn’t put my hand up, I was nervous.  The class has helped me a lot and to show my mum and dad I’m not dumb at maths.  I wish I didn’t have to leave.” “I was a doubter and now I’m not”
  • Jack “ When I first walked in here I didn’t like Maths.  I thought I would be bored, but you made it fun for us.  You play games with us and it makes me so happy.” “I was embarrassed and wouldn’t put my hand up and now I do”
  • “You make us challenge ourselves, and I love Number of the Day.” by Jack and Jenuli.
  • “ We can have others help us in our small groups, we have lots of equipment to put pictures in our heads,” Olivia
  • “I can talk more in a smaller group, I can ask questions.” Pasindu
  • “I get to use equipment and play games with numbers and writing numbers in Chinese.” Neil
  • “We can take our time and it is nicer to learn here it is not rushed and there is no yelling.” Olivia
  • “ Learning is fun here, I understand Maths in my class better now, we get to build stuff, I like using the blog and computer on Thursdays.” Ashton
  • “Using the empty number line, it's helping learn my doubles and I get time to draw out my solutions.
  • “I like using the tens frames, I get to chose what works for me,” “I feel more comfortable to share the strategy the teacher is talking about.” Jaymee
  • “ I like the Maths class because we help each other learn, I learn best from that.  
  • “Have time to write out my ideas and strategies here - especially on the whiteboard table.” Danille
  • “ I like the blog and writing comments, it helps me remember the work I’ve done and be proud of myself.” Chantelle
  • “We have time to practice our skills and not be rushed” Chantelle
  • “I have learnt fractions, pluses, times and division.  I like putting times tables into 'groups of' ie 5 groups of 10 is 50 as well as 5 X 10 = 50” Erin
  • We work hard here, you can’t escape learning. Mrs Madden acts crazy to teach us new Maths”Franca
  • “I learnt from others, I now know my fractions I didn’t know before.  We are making connections, I now know how they relate to multiplication and division.” Evie
  • “ I like using the blocks to make the numbers and put a picture in my head.  I can see the place value this way.” Pippa
  • “You make me better at maths because you show me easier strategies - by letting us work it out and use our talk moves to share it with each other.” Poppy
  • “Having learning goals keeps me focused and I like ticking them off.” Poppy

How Can Mrs Madden’s classes Improve:

  • Have our own Maths website that we could put all our videos like a maths dictionary .  The videos about the brain and how we learn.  This will be just for the Rm 23 class.  I want videos of us talking not just pictures. Jaymee and Ellie
  • “Have Maths lessons longer in Rm 23.” Olivia and Jaymee
  • “Make sure you don’t speak fast at times.” Pippa

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