Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Writing our own division problems:

Writing a clever division problem for the array 2 x 5

Well done Diana!


  1. pippa4:57 pm

    We are still not on the blog

  2. I got this award for righting a good word problem division

  3. You did write a great problem about your array. You made it a division problem by doing what??

  4. I said that there are 10 people in my family dived 2 so then 10 equel shed 2=5

  5. Yes you start at the total amount (10) and equally share it with one of the numbers ie 2.

    You had 10 people in your house and you had two houses, how many are in each house?
    So you wrote 10 divided it by 2 and ended with 5 each.